Sex Workers = Infection??


Dear Dr. Bob,

I have 6 years having sexual relations with sex workers (100 in 6 years). Vaginal and Anal Sex protected, without condom breakage. Unprotected insertive and receptive oral sex (I could have any open hurt in my lips or theet), and fingering (with fingernails). I had my las HIV test 12 months ago, and donate blood 4 months ago.

A doctor said me that in a near future I will be infected because sex workers = infection.

Is this theory right??


I love you baby. :).



Your doctor is suffering from a common medical malady called craino-rectal-inversion. That's a fancy way of saying he has his head up his butt.

I do not agree that sex workers = infection! The majority of folks who are living with HIV did not contract it from sex workers! They got it from having unsafe sex! That's the risk. It's not whom you have sex with that counts; it's how you have sex! HIV cannot permeate intact latex. No way. No how. That said, statistics show that the more partners someone has, the greater likelihood they will screw up and contract an STD (including HIV). This is really just common sense and is a population-based statistic. It doesn't really apply to an individual situation. For instance, a person having safe sex with 100 hookers is at less risk for HIV than a person having unsafe sex with 10.

Continue to play safe to stay safe.

Happy Holidays. Love you too!

Dr. Bob