Sex Worker Lyle Muns on the Emancipation of People With HIV

Lyle Muns speaks with Mark S. King at Club Church in Amsterdam during the 2018 International AIDS Conference.
Theodore Tsipiras

For gay sex worker and advocate Lyle Muns, his profession helped him examine his sexuality and create healthy boundaries. He is licensed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands -- where he pays taxes on his business and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce -- and has taken every opportunity to educate his clients about HIV. Since Lyle is living with HIV himself, that education often includes lessons on what it means to have an undetectable viral load, including messaging around U=U (undetectable equals untransmittable). My time in Amsterdam for the 2018 International AIDS Conference has proven that this fascinating city is certainly more "sex positive" than most. If Lyle's story is any indication, that approach has definite public health benefits.

The interview was conducted at Club Church, a gay sex club in the center of this gay-friendly city. Coming up next: a tour of the club, and an interview with a self-described "kinkster" who believes his sexual creativity has been a risk-reduction technique.

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