Sex toy and oral sex


Hi Robert. I have read through your answers before asking this but I feel I need a personal response from you. A few days ago I went for a brazillian wax. The male therapist was feeling aroused when massaging the after-wax creams onto the areas that were waxed. Then he said he had something for me to try. He took out a fleshlight that he uses and used it on me. Then he briefly performed oral sex on me. It lasted a few seconds. Just to add, I am not a homosexual/bisexual and I did not ejaculate nor was I ever fully erect during the whole time. Prior to this I never had any sexual experience with others. I don't know why I allowed him to do it either. But I am worried that I may catch some sort of disease especially HIV. Please tell me what are my chances of getting any STD and what I should do.

Thank you so much.



You got a Brazilian wax? OUCHAMAGOUCHA! And you've never had sex with anyone before? Hmm. Then why were you getting the Brazilian wax job? Perhaps you resemble Cousin Itt from the Addams Family and wanted to do some monospacing because you hoped to get lucky?

Your HIV-acquisition risk from the Fleshlight and blow job from the horned-up waxer is negligible at best. If you're worried, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. HIV-antibody tests taken before the three-month mark are not considered to be conclusive. STD screening for other diseases can be done at any time.

Dr. Bob