Sex with someone who has genital warts


I met a great girl about two months ago and a few days ago she told me that her first boyfriend in college passed genital warts on to her.This was 13 years ago and since then she has had 3 boyfriends and none of them got infected nor has she had any flare ups.She says she gets checked for it annually.What questions should I be asking her before sex?What are my chances of getting genital warts from her?How do I educate myself better on this topic?


Hi Genital Warts or HPV is a very common sexually transmitted virus. It is passed on by skin to skin contact. Every sexual encounter doesn't mean that virus's are transmitted it can or cannot happen. The best thing for you to do is to become educated on HPV and know how to protect yourself against this. It is very possible to have a happy and healthy sex life with any of these infections, knowledge is power both for the infected partner and the non infected partner.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon