I had sex with a prostitute and I'm worried because I had sex with a cut on my finger


Greetings! Firstly I want to apologize for my bad English, I'm Peruvian and I am 20 years old.

well my concern starts since last Saturday, I committed a terrible mistake which I regret.

I went to a brothel and use condoms but my concern begins when I put my finger into the anus and vagina of women. after I finish everything when I got home I realized I had a small cut or scratch on my finger, the wound was small but I saw that I could bleed a little.

I am very concerned and would help me a lot to know the opinion of you. Is it possible that I could spread of HIV for having hurt my finger into the anus and vagina of the prostitute?

I thank you for the response and thank you very much for all the work they do.

in spanish: saludos! , primeramente quiero pedir disculpas por mi ingles malo, soy peruano y tengo 20 años.

bueno mi preocupacion comienza desde el ultimo sabado, cometi un terrible error el cual me arrepiento.

fui a un prostibulo y use preservativo pero mi preocupacion comienza cuando puse mi dedo en el ano y la vagina de la mujer. luego que termino todo cuando llego a mi casa me doy cuenta que tuve un pequeño corte o rasguño en mi dedo, la herida era pequeña pero vi que podia sangrar un poquito.

estoy muy preocupado y me ayudaria mucho saber la opinion de ustedes. ¿Es posible que me pueda contagiar de vih por haber puesto mi dedo lastimado en el ano y vagina de la prostituta?

le agradezco por la respuesta y muchas gracias por todo el trabajo que hacen.


Hi Thank you for oyur question I do understand you. Your encounter carries a very low risk. First using protection as you did, condoms, was an effective way to prevent HIV. As far as fingering, there are no known cases of anyone becoming infected through fingering. So because you used a condom and the low risk of fingering your overall risk of acquiring HIV is extremely low.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon