Sex with hiv positive husband


Hi my husband was diagnosed hiv+ I am negative a year ago he has been doing herbal supplements and seems to be doing great what my concern is our sex life we have protected sex on every occasion which is very often we just need to know what to do to keep me from getting it. I have done a lot of reading and research but there cannot seem to be too much information.


Thanks for your question!

First off congrats! Sounds like your magnetic relationship (that's what we usually say when one partner is positive and one person is negative) is one where you're both really invested in learning as much as you can to keep each other safe and healthy!

Protected sex is definitely a big item on the menu of options to make sure you stay negative. Other things include:

Your husband doing what he can to become undetectable. This will reduce the chances of transmitting HIV a lot.

Exploring non-penetrative sex. It can be fun! There's only a chance of transmitting HIV when your husband's semen (including pre-cum) goes inside you.

Also, consider making friends with other magnetic couples. Having people around you, in person, who are in the same situation will give you the chance to share tips and tricks. It can also reduce anxiety as you find a community of people. <a href="" target=_new>Check out our "Connecting With Others" article to get started</a>.

Browse our archives if you haven't already, you'll find <a href="" target=_new>articles like "Magnetic Couples"</a> 

Remember, you're not alone! There are many people out there in strong, loving magnetic relationships where the negative partner stays negative and the positive partner stays healthy.

Hope this helps,