My Sex-ED Teacher says, "Go Ask Dr. Bob! -- With my spelling corrections :)


Hello Dr. Bob,

I didn't know your website was here. I do like the work you are doing for other so I would like to donate to your work. I do work part-time.

Yes my Sex-Ed teacher did say -- Go ask Dr. Bob. Then she gave me your web-site. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.... for her . I mean you are the person that I would like to have as a Sex - Ed Teacher:

I am 16 years old and I am working on a professional tennis career. Now I have a situation which is not allowing me to focus on my game. I met a person at a Tennis function who is HIV +. I was introduced to this gentleman and he shook my hand. I have about a 3 inch healing cut along the top side of my right hand from a tennis accident. This happened 3 days ago. So my wound is scabbed and healing with 72 hrs of time before I got the cut. This man who shook my hand had a big red dot on his finger and I asked him what that was. He told me it was a Blood Blister. When he shook my hand his blood blister laid right on top of my healing cut with no Bandage or nothing covering it. Now my minds starts taking over and has me so messed up I cannot even focus on my game. I have not played tennis since then because I cannot focus. I read some of your posts and cannot find a similar question exactly like mine. Is HIV my problem here? What are my chances of catching HIV + person?

Remember I had no bandage or bandages covering my wound.

Thank You for Helping me, Stephanie


Hello Stephanie,

Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob