Sex with a call girl


On November 22 1999, I had protected sex with a call girl in Victoria, Canada. She seemed to be very careful about using a latex condom, putting it on and taking it off before and after the sex. Also, there was never any contact between genitals. The sex wasn't rough and the condom did not break. However, she did have a nipple ring and I did suck her tits a few times.

In the interim, I have been tested twice. Once within a week and the other at the three week mark. Each time was negative. I am planning to get tested again at the three months stage.

A couple of questions:

  1. How likely is it to get HIV through protected sex with a call girl in Canada?

  2. Is it high-risk to suck a pierced nipple?

  3. If nothing showed up after 21 days, am I in the clear?



I can't tell you the exact odds of getting HIV in the situation you describe, but I think they're very low. As long as the nipple isn't bleeding, there should be no risk. Lastly, 21 days is too short a time to know with 100% certainty-- if you're concerned, you should get retested at 3 and 6 months later.