serostim for fat removal


I am going to start taking serostim to remove accumulated stomach fat. I am not comfortable giving myself daily injections. I have heard there is an alternative method to the needle injection. What is your opinion as to what is best. Are there any statstics on how long before results show up? Thank you, Woody


You may be referring to a Biojector, a device that shoots a high pressure spray of a medication in through the skin. Such a device has been used with Fuzeon. I am unaware if Serostim (Growth Hormone) can be administered via a Biojector but it seems like it could.

The pace of the change in fat has much to do with the dose that is used. Higher doses lead to more dramatic results but also greatly increase the risk of side effects - some of which are miserable. In studies of 4 mg/day of growth hormone produced results within 12 weeks. Side effects were common and included swelling of the feet and joint aches.

A more prudent approach may be to start with relatively lower doses of growth hormone (1 mg/day). This will require some patience but will be more likely to be tolerated.