Seroconversion Scares


Hi Dr. I just want to thank you for the help you have provided me when I read all of your answers posted to other people. I was hoping you could help me answer mine. I had a one nighter with a female where the condom slipped off. She had reached climax and I hadn't yet when we stopped. I went and got tested within a week and it was negative. However at the 17 week mark and it came back Elisa low positive/negative western blot. So the nurse asked me to retest so after week 18 I received the same result. The worst part is I got a rash on my testicles a few days after possible exposure and at the 4 month mark I started having a sore throat and swollen and painful lymph nodes in my neck and groin. The clinic where I got tested has told me there is no chance that it is HIV but I am really scared that I could be seroconverting really late. The female it was with said she got tested and everything came out negative as well but how do you believe it without actually seeing it. Should I get retested as its been past the 6 month exposure mark. Am I just being paranoid. I really would hate to wait another week to 10 days for results, do you know of any places up here in canada that do quick testing. I have read many different things about how hard it is to get from a one night stand, is this true. Any help you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance



Relax Max! You're fine.

A positive ELISA plus negative Western Blot (WB) is considered a negative HIV screening test, because the WB is a much more specific test. In essence you've had repeatedly negative HIV-screening tests!

Stop worrying and start WOO-HOO-ing.

Dr. Bob