Serious Korean with phobia


Dear Dr. Frascino

First of all, hope everything is going well with you and foundation. I am 28 years man from Korea who is having serious phobia over 18month. For your reference, there is only one popular HIV website in Korea but no answers from experts but only sharing opinions by each others, and thebody site, especially Dr. Bob (I had thought your name is Bob until visiting this site) is very famous to everyone and your answers in this website are always be the firmed reference without doubt. So, may I ask your expertise about but situation? here I briefly describe my history as belows.

  1. Suspected encounter: April.2009 in Thailand
  • Used Condom properly / but there was short oral sex performing by each other but there was no scars on my mouth
  • After only one day from the date, I had experienced fever(but not seriously high), pains on neck as same sympton with cold but, because I had used fan toward my head that date, I estimated it as cold.
  1. Last sex: May. 2010 in Korea
  • Used Condom properly / only receiving oral sex
  1. Tests I have received (all tests are Oraquick advance HIV 1/2 oral test)
  • 1st Oraquick: Negative (15month / 5weeks later from each enoutner)
  • 2nd Oraquick: Negative (15month + week / 7weeks later)
  • 3rd Oraquick: Negative (16month + weeks / 9weeks later)
  • 4th Oraquick: Negative (17month / 10weeks later)
  • 5th Oraquick: Negative (17month + weeks / 11weeks later)
  • 6th Oraquick: Negative (18month / 12weeks later)
  • 7th Oraquick: Negative (18month + weeks / 13weeks later)
  • 8th Oraquick: Negative (18month + weeks / 14weeks later) A doctor who have performed my tests start rejecting my test request and currently recommends me to take a mental hospital. But, in these days, I have throat infection about two month from August to now, and I am still worrying how throat infection continues 2month eventhough I still smoke a pack of cigarette per day. Dr. Bob, can I yell "WOO-HOO"~! without any doubut and escape from such a long period with phobia over 18month? On the behalf of Korean, I really thanks for this site and you who is the famous doctor to Korean with Phobia


Hello Korean with Phobia,

Thank you for your very kind and generous comments. I'm delighted my efforts to disseminate science-based fact regarding HIV prevention and transmission have been beneficial to you and others in Korea.

Regarding your HIV-acquisition risks, protected sex is indeed protected, assuming the latex condoms are used properly and do not fail (break). Unprotected oral sex carries only a very slight risk for HIV transmission.

As for your multiple HIV-negative tests out to 18 months/14 weeks, they are definitive, conclusive, WOO-HOO-able and highly excessive! HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted.

Finally, "symptoms" are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected. A negative HIV-antibody test outside the window period trumps symptoms each and every time. There are many potential causes for persistent sore throats, including postnasal drip resulting from allergy and/or chronic sinus inflammation. In your case the most likely cause is related to your smoking a pack of cigarettes per day. This, too, predisposes you to all sorts of mouth, sinus, throat and lung problems, including cancer.

To answer your specific question, can you WOO-HOO, the answer is absolutely. However, I very strongly urge you to quit cigarettes immediately. If you don't, cigarettes will eventually kill you in a very painful and undignified fashion.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob