Dear Doctor Bob:

First let me say that I am so glad you are back. I was so worried about you praying every night that you were OK. Glad to see you were just away on business.

Onto my question - I like to masterbate with other guys -- nothing else just jerking and sometimes mutual jerking. Whether I am at the gym in the steam room or in a parking lot cruising, I just like to see a guy masterbate as I masterbate myself.

ONCE three years ago, I blew a guy and he blew me back, but that has only happened once my whole life. We DID NOT CUM in eachothers mouth... it just lasted 1 minute -- tops.

Other than that ONE experience, I have just masterbated with other guys.. a lot of other guys. Obviously, I have always been phobic to do anything else.

Probably because I just need your expert opinion because I have grown to really respect you, I was wondering if you can take a moment and tell me if I should be worried. Could I have contracted anything?

It would mean a lot.

Please know you are in my thougts and prayers. I have donated several times to your donation.

Take care, Dave.


Hi Dave,

Should you be worried? Nah. Masturbation is not considered a risk for HIV transmission. Oral sex carries a very low risk for HIV transmission. Some STDs are much easier to contract than others. You can review this information in the archives. If you're worried or have any worrisome symptoms, it's easy to get checked out with an STD screen. But overall I'd say you have an extremely low-risk profile. In fact, I think you may just win the lowest risk profile of the day!

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob