Im wondering why I am so sensitive to light....I tend to stay indoors now in fact all the time, if I go outside my brain feels as if it will explode...I had menegitis as Ive stated in previous questions and am suffering from the brittle teeth syndrome...I notice I cant handle light like most people. My mother and law came over and went outside and said "what a beautiful day" all I see is the same thing over and over watery vision, squinting and a throbbing headache from the sun...Is this due to HIV or menegitis or the fact that I progressed to Aids and took such a mjor toll to my body and my brain.....I feel like I had a frontal labotomy, when people work hard they sweat like crazy, Ive noticed I dont really sweat like water dripping down your face from sweat....I stay sweat free in the face for the most part.....It does feel like my brain has suffered something because Im not seeing things in a normal pun intended. any clue? Thanx for a response...


Some HIV and other meds can sensitize the skin to UV light for some individuals. Various eye conditions and sequelae to meningitis/brain infection may result in persistent brain abnormalities depending on the regions of the brain involved. Some patients have persistent problems which can be frustrating since sometimes there in little that can be done specifically other than continue good HIV and meningitis management and undergo thorough eye/brain evaluation looking for contributing causes. KH