Why Can't Semen Be Tested for HIV?


Can you please answer the following questions and put my mind to rest: (1) It is understood that HIV can only be detected by blood samples. Am I right or wrong? The viral load will also indicate your chances of being infected. (2) If someone sleeps with a person who is HIV positive without protection (condoms) that person chances of becoming HIV positive is surety unless they used PREP . Am I right or wrong ? (3) During seroconversion of HIV research have shown that it is easy for transmission to take place through body fluids like semen? If so why can't semen be tested for traces of HIV elements?

I had sex a sexual encounter with a guy on 28th December 2018. I was the top he was the bottom. I was aware that the guy is HIV positive which he indicated he was on HIV meds. I took every precautionary measures by using a condom and lube but during the act I felt something strange and when I pull out the condom was burst. We eventually jerk off each other. My concerns are by reading is that my chances of infection is minimal. I did a HIV test one month after the incident it was negative. I plan to do another on the 28th February 2 months after the incident to see what the results will present. I have been getting this hacking cough ever so often and also i have had this sore throat for the past 4 days. This have me worried as I am still thinking what are my chances of being infected.


  1. HIV can be detected in any bodily fluid, particularly in people who are not on HIV treatment.
  2. The risk of HIV infection is dependent on many variables including type of sexual activity, underlying immune system and ongoing medical conditions of an uninfected person, HIV viral load level of an infected person, among others.
  3. Although there are research tests for this, there is no approved clinical test for this purpose.