Semen mixed in lube


I am a young male who recently had sex with another male. We had protected sex both of us used condoms; however, my concern is more about the lube we used. He insisted on using a lube called liquid silk, which I read on the label was water-based so I consented, but later I got a little worried b/c the lube looks so much like semen that I thought maybe he could have possibly mixed some into the bottle. He told me that he he enjoyed unprotected sex before but i told him that would certainly not be with me, but I guess my question is: Could someone mix a large amount of sperm into a lube like this and then hiv remain viable or infectious in the bottle. Most of what I have read suggest no, but then I recently read where HIV can remain viable in moist environments and this particular lube strangely enough is supposed to be all natural and support PH levels of sperm? Thanks for any help on this. My doctor says I'm being paranoid, but a second opinion never hurts


There are really no data to support a reasonable answer to your question. It seems wildly absurd that someone would do what you are concerned about. If there was fresh semen in a mixture with lube and this was used to masturbate you, I guess there would be a risk for HIV, and other STIs.