all i see are no risk people asking questions, what about me in ireland??


Hi, This is my second attempt to ask and seek a reply. I realise you do your utmost best to reply to all. Simply i had unprotected sex with a sub saharan african prostitute. I just met her in a club but realise next day what she works at. Either way i know I am still an idiot for having unprotected sex. Very High risk I might add. Now i know symptoms are unreliable indicators. But you seem to always say they show up two to three weeks after. So my story is that after 11 days i developed a slight cough. By two weeks it had developed into a heavier cough with some phlegm and blocked/runny nose. Also my jaw was stiff and my ears felt like they needed to be popped. Possibly swollen around the neck area too. This had all more or less subsided after three weeks or little more, except for the cough which still lingers slightly after 26 days. Sounds about the right period of time for serconversion?? And the right symmptoms?? Please i just need to be prepared. Also one more thing. My cheating ex girlfriend has just told me she has an STI, chamydia, which has probably been passed to me. In hindsight i did have some symptoms. So all in all I am a wreck and am afraid and depressed and alone. But i know i need to be prepared for the worst. Please are my symptoms typical?

Thanks so much. I will donate. Just tell me how.

Hoping for a reply

Doubting Ill ever woo hoo again

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If indeed you "know symptoms are unreliable indicators" for predicting who is and is not HIV infected (and I strongly agree!), why are you focusing on your symptoms??? That just doesn't make sense.

The reason to worry or get tested is HIV risk. You had unprotected sex with a sub-Saharan African prostitute. Consequently, you put yourself at risk for STDs, including HIV, and need to be screened whether you are symptom-free or have "every symptom in the book." It really is just that straightforward.

Considering your ex-girlfriend has chlamydia, you'll need to be treated for that. I don't know when she became your "ex," but it appears there may have been some cheating going on in both directions.

Considering you describe yourself as "a wreck . . . afraid . . . depressed . . . and alone," I'd suggest you talk to your doctor. He may well recommend counseling to help you cope with the stress of waiting through the window period for your HIV test. Please note despite your risk, the odds remain very much in your favor that you did not contract HIV from this one-time lapse in judgment.

Thank you for your desire to make a donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation. Donation information can be found on the foundation's Web site at Just click on the donate tab. In return, I'm sending you my good-luck karma that your definitive HIV test is negative.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob