see the HIV specialist or primary care for sinus infection?


I was confirmed positive in March 2006, previous test Dec 2005 and my most recent tests reveal Vl 661/cd 664. Dr says stay calm, live sensible moderate life and you will be right for years, good things coming by the time you might hit the wall so to speak.

Usually, about three or four times a year I get bad sinusitis. Habitually, my doctors prescribe some drying medication in the early stages or an antibotic if there is evidence of infection by the discharge etc. Usually its augmentum, amoxicillin or Ofloxacin which usually clears it after a week or so. I try to hold off to let my system fight it but if it gets too bad I take the pills.

1 Now I don't know if by holding off I am hurting my system or should I let it have a go. Could the use of the antibotics now make the impact of these drugs less later when I might need them for a more important illnesses.

2 Should I be going to my HIV specialist Dr for all sorts of infections from now on that once I would regard as normal or simply do I go to my GP for the routine infections that one gets over the course of the year.

My only chronic illness is this sinusitis usually at a change to the wet season or if I am locked up for a day or two in meetings with smokers. P

What do you think?


If you have a bacterial sinus infection then you should take antibiotics to speed recovery. Although there is some risk of selection of resistant organisms with repeated courses of antibiotics, the risk of a severe untreated sinus infection is greater. For sinus infections as a matter of convenience, you can see your ID, primary care doctor, or ENT doctor. Thanks for posting and best of luck to you!