Secrets Are Not Always Worth Keeping

Why do people sometimes keep secrets? I was talking to a dear friend of mine. There was a dilemma that we discussed. Most of the dilemma revolved around secrets and dishonesty. Going through that myself really made me think: Why keep secrets?

Sometimes secrets can be light-hearted and carefree. Then there are those secrets that are detrimental and not good to keep. It would seem like the right thing to do is be honest about whatever the secret entails whether bad or good. That is not often times what individuals do to one another. Sometimes secrets are kept from another to hurt that person(s). For example, if I am hurt then I will just hurt you. Then that becomes one very vicious and mean cycle. One secret, which is HIV/AIDS, should not keep anyone in the dark.

Then I thought to myself: How many women and men have contracted or will contract HIV/AIDS from a secret? Then how many more lives have been permanently changed forever from dishonesty? Being honest to someone you care about shows a lot of integrity and compassion. If secrets were no longer kept because of shame or fear, perhaps a lot of changes could progress even more. My hope is one day secrets involving HIV/AIDS will no longer be kept as such deep secrets anymore.

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