Second Opinion For HIV Test Results


I tested positive for HIV this past November. I got a new HIV doctor and had full labs... After reviewing my lap results my new HIV doctor did not put me on any HIV medication. Instead she wanted me to comeback in 3 months and have another full lap and see how that comes in...

I very new to all of this and i don't really underspend too much what those numbers mean. I understand what the CD4 count is and what the Viral Load is. She did inform me that there were some hight numbers on the results that she will monitor and see if they become problems such as the Triglycerides, LDH & Glucose.

Now my main question - it is my underspending that the ultimate goal is to get my viral load to below 400 where it would be undetectable, while a the same time get my CD4 count very high... So, why not put me on something that would make my viral load go down? Or are my numbers good?

After talking it over with her, i believe i became infected thru my last boyfriend, about 2 years ago, but just found out about it now.

Here are my numbers: CD3: 1613 CD4: 520 CD8: 1079 HIV-1 RNA(PCR) Gen 1: 1885 Triglycerides: 253 Cholesterol, HDL: 33 Cholesterol, LDL: 53 LDH: 307 Glucose: 101

Thank you...


Your CD4 count is in the normal range and your viral load is quite low. I don't think you need to start treatment. At this point your immune system is doing a good job controlling the infection.