Seborrheic Dermatitis: Common in early asymptomatic HIV infection?


Hello Dr.Feinberg,

  Great job your doing! Cheers to you for helping all of us! Four months ago(first exposure) and 11 weeks ago(last exposure), I had an unprotected sexual relationship with a Co-worker. We were with each other on 6 different occasions. I am petrified I have HIV despite 2 negative ELISA's. 1st one at 6 weeks into relationship, 2nd one at 9 weeks post exposure. I can remember having a short AVS like illness shortly after our last encounter. What really scared me was the onset of Seborrheic Dermatitis at 1 to 2 months after exposure! I have read there is an 85 prevalency rate in HIV/AIDS infected people and it can be an early symptom of HIV infection. Right now I believe my left tonsil is slightly swollen and my right tonsil looks normal but has something on it. I am so convinced I have HIV, I have already started excepting it. I have also had a small round faint pink rash with little bumps in it and slight scaling, itched a little at onset not at all anymore, about the size of a dime and has been with me 1 month already. If I don't have every HIV symptom, I don't know who does...

It is in our moment of decision that our destiny is shaped, I must live now with my stupid unwise choice to have unprotected sex and trust someone I didn't know that long. And just for the record folks, I have a Genius level IQ, this can happen to anyone, smart or not.


Thanks for your comments-- you're right, inte;lligence is no barrier to HIV infection. Despite your many worries, the fact that two test have been negative is hopeful. Hang in there!