scuba diving and hiv/aids


i had enrolled in a scuba diving education program but was told i could not be excepted after i disclosed my hiv status.i then took my complaint to a human rights commision which ruled that they had discriminated against me. however,the company is refusing to except that myself or any other person who is hiv+ should be allowed to join there education programe,claiming that the risk of infection is too high(even after the ruling found there to be minimal to no risk)i have medical proof and statements to back my case but what would be of great help to me is if anybody has(or knows of someone who)knowledge of dive professionals who do not discriminate against hiv/aids.If could have proof that scuba diving while hiv is not a danger to others. any opinion or thoughts or information would be much appreciated thank you.


I suggest that you carry a document from your physician stating that scuba diving is entirely appropriate for you and you have no health condition that would prevent you from diving successfully or assisting another diver successfully. Then I would suggest that you not disclose your condition in the next scuba diving education environment. You have better things to do than to spend your time suing ignorant people.

As to finding a more welcoming dive professional, I would bet that at websites/chatrooms/classified sections of magazines for HIV+ people you could find an HIV+ dive professional or dive club where you would feel much more welcome and not have to fight irrational rules.