schizophrenia and HIV/AIDS diagnosis late stage


we recently found my son who has been missing for 3 years. he has schizophrenia which ia 1 reason why we could not find him. He is 31 and has been in the streets. I got a call from harborview and they had him in because he had collapsed and needed surgery fro a bacterial infection in his sinus. He had been diagnosed the month before with HIV and late stage aids his t count was 7. I want to bring him home and care for him..I am a certified madical assistant. Is this possible for me to do? what would he require for home care? diet, exercise boosting immune system....what are his chances? I wont give up on helping him to live.


I am so happy for you that you found your son! Don't despair, there is a lot you can do for him. Many people respond great to HIV medications and have amazing recoveries.

Make sure he gets on HIV medications right away. Atripla (Sustiva+Truvada), Reyataz+Norvir+ Truvada, Isentress+Truvada and other combinations are popular and effective even in those with low CD4 cell counts at start.

Make sure he also takes Bactrim if he is not allergic to it to prevent PCP pneumonia. Keep an eye on any potential immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome :

Read this article about diet which has great tips :

A multivitamin once or twice a day is probably not a bad idea also since some people have micronutrient deficiencies with advanced immune dysfunction.

Be super vigilant that he is not depressed and that his schizophrenia is treated with good adherence since it is key for him to be able to adhere to HIV medications in the future if he ever leaves your house to live somewhere else.

When it comes to exercise, allow him first to regain strength and to stabilize. When he is ready, he can follow these suggestions:

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. We are here to support people with HIV and their caregivers.

Good luck and hang in there!