Scary "happy ending"


Hey Dr. Bob,

I recently had a drunken foul-up and went to an asian massage parlour. When the masseuse was "down-low" rubbing and kissing, she kissed my scrotum and the tip of my penis. Since I was drunk, my fears took over and I went back to make sure nothing happened... she insisted that she would not perform oral sex without a condom.

6 days afterwards, I began to experience a very sore throat. At 7 days I experienced feelings of fatigue and malaise. My temperature throughout this ordeal has ranged from 95.9-98.9 degrees (been obsessively measuring for fear of ARS symptoms), but no rash. At 9 days the sore throat is less painful but I had heavy malaise, nausea and loss of appetite. At the same time, my girlfriend has come down with cold-like symptoms, but no fever. I am extremely worried I may have contracted something during the "happy ending" and passed it on to her (overwhelmed with guilt).

Am I at risk for HIV transmission from this experience? Are these symptoms potentially indicative of ARS?

Thank you for your help! Made a donation in October, and plan on continuing to do so in support of your incredible efforts!



The HIV-acquisition risk from your rub-and-tug is nonexistent. Your fears are unwarranted and prompted primarily by guilt. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. My advice is that you level with your girlfriend. It's the best way to confront your guilt. Happy endings are supposed to be happy, not scary!

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob