Dear Dr. Feinberg:

I realize this may not be an opportunistic infection but I was curious about scarlet fever and if anyone who is HIV+ should be concerned about being around anyone who has it. My partner and I are both positive. VL for both of us is undetectable and CD4's are 570 and 154. My sister works with a woman who has a child who has been diagnosed with scarlet fever. The child was brought into my sister's place of employment while she was there. My sister is concerned that she may have come in contact with it, and in turn, might pass it on to us. She has always been very conscientious of these things. We are planning on a family get together. Is there any advice that you can give us?

Thank you


Scarlet fever is a strep infection and the chance of it being passed on to you from the situation you describe is very small-- plus, I know of no data that shoe that HIV+s are more susceptible to strep infections than other people. Enjoy your family get-together.