Dear Dr, I was helping out at my kid's school show the other night, whilst cleaning up the clothes etc.. I got jabbed with a safety pin which had been left opened(been used to pin ribbon onto clothes), I didn't bleed but I did get a scratch on the top layer of my skin and it looked a little red underneath. I didn't see any blood on the safety pin. I have previously had unfounded extreme worries about Hepatitis & HIV infection. My child has CF and and I get very stressed every now and then and get wound up in worrying about my own health. I washed my hands after this happened. My concern is that someone with Hep B or C may have scratched or cut themselves with the safety pin before me and now I am infected also. The pin came from the sewing box of another Mum and the school so as far as I know it hasn't been used for anything other than pinning clothes, how long should I wait before being tested. I can't think straight and can't talk to my husband about it as he will just say, he isn't listening to my irrational fears any longer.

Please, please help.


I would not seek testing for this safety pin prick.

Yes, I think you may be correct that you have extreme worries about these infections. You may want to discuss these anxieties with your own personal physician. You may also want to think about whether you have anxieties or stress about other issues in your life, like the health of your child. This may be causing much stress.