Scared in Jersey


Hello Doctor: I'm 22 years old and very scared this guy squirted semen on my face about a month back (march 19) almost 2 weeks later i had enlarged glands and a sore throat they went away and then came one large bump under my chin still with a sore throat it is now May 2 still have a sore throat and last week i saw a few red bumps on my hands and arms no where else. Could these be ARS symptoms or am i being psychosymtomatic. The red bumps itch my friend says there bed bug bites? Please answer will donate to your foundation.



Even if your semen facial was HIV positive, the virus cannot permeate intact skin. Your "symptoms" are not suggestive of HIV ARS. I have no way of knowing, over the Internet, if your itchy red bumps are related to bedbug bites. Sorry.

Bottom line:

  1. HIV is not your problem.

  2. "Psychosymptomatic" is not even a word! But I catch your drift and yes, most likely your symptoms are psychosomatic.

Dr. Bob