scared im infected do normal blood test show hiv results


a year ago i sleeped with a guy who i now suspect has hiv, after about 4 months i notice dark blemishes around my genitals and they have been spreading.My doctor told me i had trush, but i'd had trush befor and this was'nt it , the cream my doctor gave me didnt work. Latly i can hardly walk .I would like to know, if you have a blood test , do they test for hiv or just i spusific thing. I'm scared i may be infected, please help me.


I do not know what the dark blemishes in your genital area is. It is almost impossible to say what a rash is from without seeing it. I am not sure if you are confusing terms used to call yeast infections. Your doctor may have said that you have a yeast infection in your genital area called vaginal candidiasis or vulvovaginal candidiasis. Thrush is a yeast infection that you get in your mouth. Did you have yeast in your mouth as well?

It is not unusual for women to get yeast infections especially if one is taking antibiotics. I worry that if the pain is so bad that you can hardly walk if you may have worsening yeast infection or another infection such as genital warts or herpes. You should either go back to your doctor or go to someone who specializes in women's health called a gynecologist for another examination.

Yeast infections do not mean you have HIV. Women with and without HIV get yeast infections in the genital areas at about equal frequency. Thrush, on the other hand, is more common in women with HIV than without HIV. Nevertheless, the fact that you had sex with someone you suspect has HIV, is reason enough to get tested for HIV. Please read my other comments about getting tested. HIV is not routinely done. You have to give consent for a HIV test.