very scared - ARS ? Hiv risk ?


On the 25th of april , I had a 2 minute handjob done by a prostitute. Her hands didnt have any blood/cuts nor did my penis and the area around it have any. It was a 2 minute incident - with the first minute being just rubbing on top of my underwear and the second being inside my underwear. I didn't finish, i felt uncomfy and left. Also , She never touched herself during the process and also 10-15 prior to the incident ( 100% sure ).

2 days after the incident I got a mild fever (99.1) and a night sweat( 27th april). From the 28th all the way till the 3/4th of may I had cough. After that I had throat irritation and a few swollen lymph nodes in my neck. ( around the 7-8th). Been fiine since then expect for the swollen nodes in the neck.

Also, I have a viral flu from the 12th to the 24th of april and was on medications and was exposed to alot of dust during my house shifting process around the 29th/30th.

My questions are -

  1. Was this a possible exposure? the handjob ?

  2. Odds of me contracting HIV ?

  3. Can the symptoms mean ARS ?

  4. Do I need a test ?


Thanks for your questions, here are the responses in order:

  1. No. Not a possible exposure at all.

  2. There is no possibility from what you're describing.

  3. The symptoms are not related to HIV, since you didn't have risk to get HIV

  4. If you have risk for HIV, by all means get tested for HIV. But the situation you're describing holds no risk

Hope this helps!