scared it is ars


the story is about 4 months ago i recieved a blow job from a sex trade worker. i used a condom i brought, but i think she may have stuck my with a needle. the situation went like this, i picked her up she said "don't drive far" so i didn't. i pulled out my condom and she said "ah your one of the smart ones who brings his own condoms". anyway i was still a little intoxicated from the night before so she was down there for a while. i'd say 5-10 minutes in a van pulled up behind us i said"oh shit cops" she said" no it's just security" it was near a bar/motel so i thought security for the establishement but now that i think about it it was probly her pimp or maybe even a family member.anyway it was during the cofusion i think she stuck me because of the adrenaline that probly would have been going through me and the confusion i don't think i felt it but things where a little crazy. it was a good performance put on by the "security"too. he got out of the van aproached my truck and then turned away when he relized what was going on and said "oh what the fuck" "remember there kids in that house there" he got back in his van. the girl said "you better hurry up an finish buddy". i finished up chucked the condom out the window she said "no don't chuck it there i went around the corner dropped her off. the van followed and i didn't stick around to see if the van picked her up.all that being said this is what i felt and saw the weeks following. it's alittle vague because i just put a timeline together recently, but i'm pretty shure of the times and event based on events that i remember during that time. i noticed a raised lump on my upper thigh , this is i believe the injection site. it was pus filled. it was anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks when i noticed this. i eventually was able to pop it and get the pus and blood out and, the burst hole was in a direction that the needle would have come from when i got it to pop. it took a few times to get it all out. i still 4 months later can see a bruise very faint but still there. like track mark would look i guess. that scenario is scary but there was also symptoms to go along with this and here they are the order and timeline are thereabouts not exact due to the lenght of time ago it was. here we go two weeks later i went to a football game and after the game i had a really dry and pasty mouth. it may have started a few days before and continued for quite some time on and off/weeks. also had what tasted like a yeast like bitter taste in my mouth for a while/weeks. i still have the bad taste everyonce and awhile, also the taste buds near back of toungue are white, but i do have post nasal drip so that kind of justifys things a bit. also starting from about that 2 weeks window was a hot feeling at night, sweating mostly around head neck shoulders but one night it was drenching sheets and so forth. i also had kind of what felt like hot flushes throughout the day. this lasted anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. i also had a sore right shoulder during the 2-4 week window it lasted from what i remember a couple days. i also had a sore and tight upper back for a day or two. i also had both knees sore for a day or two all on different days from what i remember. late in the 2 weeks after possible exposure i was feeling kind of letharjick and tired for about a week. it just took me longer to feel awake and i was feeling more tired when i got home from work. i also have very sensitive tonsils and late in the second week i felt like i was gonna get a flu or throat infection. i sweat all day that day at work on purpose to try and kill the bug i was feeling, because i hate being sick. the next day that swollen tonsil feeling and unwell feeling went away. i never checked if i had a fever during those 2 weeks to a month but with the hot flushes and warm nights i believe i did. i'm pretty in tune with my body so i dont remember any type of rash. also i don't remember swollen glands and i would have checked because i am a worry wart. these symptoms just seem too true for it to be an axiety related thing. my appetite was acctually incresed i think altough i remember a couple times not feeling like eating dinner but that could have been two months ago not 4. i also vomited once but that was very possibly because of too much to drink that was 3 weeks after possible ex. thats it thats all i can remember. i believe because of the time frame and the symptoms ,i believe i do have hiv i will be at some point in the near future be having the test done. my fingers are crossed but i'm about 99% sure i've got it. anyway thanks for your time. i'm scared shitless. i've read that some people make donations and when i figure out how to do that i will. i messed up, but i was also possibly murdered or given an early death sentence, i'd imagine if i do have it i ain't gonna be happy but i believe i will be motivated to live as long as i can and hope by some miracle we can find a cure.



You may be "99% sure" you are HIV infected, but I'm 99% sure you are not.

Your HIV-acquisition risk from a protected blow job is essentially nonexistent. I also very strongly doubt that your hooker was a psychotically deranged psychopath wielding a syringe filled with fresh HIV-tainted blood who tried to "murder" you. Dude, you have a very vivid and wild imagination, considering you did not see a syringe or even feel a prick!

Your symptoms are not at all consistent with HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). They are, however, very consistent with anxiety.

If you remain worried, get an HIV-antibody test. A rapid test will give you a definitive answer in just a few short minutes. I'm very confident the result will be negative. I would suggest you consider getting some help for your anxiety and irrational fear of HIV. You should also knock off the alcohol abuse.

Donation information for The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob