If you are a man and have sex with a male dog can you get HIV?



Hmmm . . . do you mean "dog" as in I got drunk last night and went home with someone who resembles Zell Miller and who has the temperament and perversity of Bill O'Reilly? Or do you mean a real "bow-wow, woof-woof" Dorothy-loving Toto???

If it's Toto, no, you can't get HIV from him (the "H" in HIV stands for "Human"). Of course, if you are having sex with your pets, perhaps HIV isn't the major problem you should be worrying about at the moment.

Next, if it's the Zell Miller/Bill O'Reilly "dog," I'd be worried . . . very, very worried. Can't trust him and one can only imagine the weird stuff he's been into.

Hope that helps. Gee, I wonder if I should be calling the SPCA . . . .

Dr. Bob