SCABIES? IS IT A Symptom....


Doctor Ryan,

I have already sent numeroius questions to you and yet I still get no response back.

The thing that I want to ask is that Is SCABIES a symptom of HIV?

I got this scabies a weeks ago after I moved out to this new place and I was sleeping on the floor carpet with a 2 blankets, used already by my 2 roomates and have never been washed for 3 months or more.

Also, the problem started from the ankle, that's because I never wash my socks regularly and leave it for weeks too. Last Year I got similar thing like this on my ankle, the itchy ness, however it went away.

Now, is this scabies a symptom of hiv?

I had sex with a sex worker last year and 3 months ago, both using condoms. The first one being last year, I wore 2 condoms and the 2nd one being 3 months ago, I used 1 condom properly which has the chemical known to prevent STD on the latex condom, it's called DUREX Extra Safe.

So, please answer my question Dr.Ryan. Is scabies a symptom? I went to the doctor already and he said that it is not a symptom and he said that I should be okay. But I am just scared about it and please... please..please... response to my question Dr.Ryan.

I am waiting everyday to your answer... Thank you so much...


Scabies is not a symptoms of HIV. If you would like to know your HIV status, get tested three or more months after your last exposure. It is unlikely that you would be infected with HIV when using condoms for vaginal sex.