Is Saliva HIV transmiter...Question that never dies...


Hi dr Bob,

It is really magnificient what u do in order to help people...i think it is a lot of positive karma for u!!!

Man, i have a fear. I had an oral sex with a guy, he gave me his condom (it was good one not to make the advertisment here, but i havent checked the expiry date). He sucked me off and i was cuddling his face during the intercourse. The thing which I am concerned about is that i had a small open skin lesion on my finger, and i am affraid that i came in touch with his saliva while i was removing the condom or while cuddling his face....I had condom protected oral sex, short one, but is it possible to get infected if his saliva touched my wound on the finger(the skin was missing from this part of finger , but the wound was made one day ago)....

Please answer to me, i am so stressed..Why those things have to spoil nice sex...PS: I tested the condom afterwards , and no water was going through it, so it remained undamaged(except if there was a microdamage , while he handled itin his pockets or whatever)

Please answer me...i am so stressed...i am writing a PhD and have to work a lot now, but this stress makes it inpossible... In waiting your answer desperately...Big Huggs



You are correct: yours is a QTND (Question That Never Dies). The thing about QTND is that they have ATNC (Answers That Never Change). Consequently I'll just repost several questions from the archives about saliva. If you have questions about oral sex in general, condom integrity or efficacy or transmission from superficial day-old wounds, answers are readily available in the archives. Have a look!

Bottom line: I'd say your HIV risk is virtually nonexistent and all your stress, completely unwarranted. Now get back to work on that Ph.D. That thesis isn't going to write itself!

Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Do they know as much as they say they do? Sep 1, 2006

Dear Dr. F, I recently move to NYC and work as a waitress in Chelsea. I'm constantly touching glasses with salavia on them and always have open scratches on my hand because of my 2 cats. I recentley had a bad case of the flu with a tempature at 99.0 for 3 days and diarreah that has lasted for over a week. What if my cut came in perfect contact with an HIV infected persons salavia. Is it 100% safe to touch an HIV infected persons salavia to a open scratch or is it totally impossible? Are there scientific facts that it does not transmit this way or are we just assuming and hoping you can't get it from salavia. I'm ready to quit my job and work as a receptionist. Something tells me in my heart that they don't know as much as they say they do and maybe it varies from one person to the next. Does this make any sense to you? Please help

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Chelsea-Gal,

Saliva (or, as you call it, "salavia") does not transmit HIV. And since you work in Chelsea, I better cover other non-transmitters as well. See archive post below.

How do we know these facts? Well, Dearie, as it turns out, HIV/AIDS has been intensively studied for the past 25 years. If it were transmitted by touching a glass, don'cha think we woulda noticed by now????

You have as much chance of catching HIV from the spit on those martini glasses as you would from the copy machine if you worked as a receptionist (read: no risk). OK?

Stay well. Stop worrying. And can I get an order of fries with that?

Dr. Bob

hiv in nasal mucus?

Aug 12, 2006

Dear dr. Frascino, does nasal mucus contain HIV and can an accidental ingestion of nasal mucus of a person with HIV and not on HAART be at risk? Thank you!

Response from Dr. Frascino


Nasal secretions similar to saliva, sputum, sweat, tears, urine, vomitus and feces are not implicated in the transmission of HIV, unless they contain visible blood.

Out of curiosity, how did you mange to "accidentally" chow down some HIV positive boogers?

Dr. Bob

hiv in saliva? Jan 11, 2006

on new years day, i got a blowjod from an escort, she put a condom on, but later took it off so i could cum, when i couldnt, she put it back on and continued sucking, what worries me is the possibility of her saliva getting on my penis as she put it back on,

ive heard that its impossible to get hiv from saliva, but i dont know if she had any cuts in her mouth, and if so, would i be in danger?

the following day, i began feeling an uncomfortable minor pain in my lower abdomen and lower back, ive also been having trouble passing gas and taking a dump, are these symptoms? or do am i just constipated?

Response from Dr. Frascino


What's a "blowjod?" Sounds kind of kinky.

Regarding HIV, relax, Dude! You are fine except that the worry and fear of HIV have scared the crap out of you. Or should that be scared the crap not out of you?

Stay well. Try a laxative if your plumbing is still plugged up.

Dr. Bob