you said lymph nodes are common; what if just one lymph node is swollen


in your reply to someone you said that lymph nodes are very common in hiv infected people. what about if just one node is swollen? if it were hiv would that necessarily mean that more nodes would be swollen? i had unprotected sex. i have a swollen lymph node. i'm really scared.


Enlarged lymph nodes are part and parcel of HIV. These enlarged lymph nodes represent the body's attempt at fighting off the HIV virus. Usually there is "generalized lymphadenopathy"; what this means is that there are many swollen nodes. Occasionally however some lymph nodes can swell more than others. It would be unusual for just one lymph node to swell in an HIV-infected patient; many patients who have "one lymph node" often have many more that they are not aware of. If there is truly just one lymph node, that would suggest that something is happening just in that region of the body. For example, a cat scratch on the right arm could cause a right arm pit node and nothing else. You should get tested if you are worried about it. Knowledge is power.