Is it safe for me to take Arginine and Glutathione supplements?


Hi I am currently taking Lamivudine, Tenofovir and Efarvirenz. Is it safe for me to take arginine and glutathione for antioxidant support and skin health?


Yes but be careful if you have had herpes outbreaks since there is a concern with arginine causing flare-ups.

I would suggest you read this:


Oral glutathione does not get absorbed.

" Glutathione will be synthesized in the cell once the rate limiting step, provision of L-cysteine, is bypassed by any means. Dietary protein itself, including L-cysteine rich sources such as Whey Protein, are effective but inefficient ways to increase L-cysteine intake in the diet and N-Acetylcysteine is both more efficient and cheaper than glutathione.

There is, currently, no known benefit of orally ingested glutathione that cannot be more readily mimicked by supplementation of N-acetylcysteine and couldn't theoretically be aided by a high protein diet including dietary sources rich in L-cysteine (whey protein)."

More information:


Glutathione supplements?

Please let me know if you have any further questions after reviewing this information.

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