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Sorry to rip off the marathon man quote, but just trying to get your attention Dr. Bob. Hopefully, no teeth will have to be pulled, and hopefully the answer is yes.

Does hiv have an increase risk of being transmitted to someone who has ASYMPTOMATIC shedding of genital herpes type 1 on the base of the penis (where the condom doesn't reach)? I have read that herpes type 2 increases hiv transmission risk, but i am wondering about type 1 and asymptomatic shedding. Can this shedding be associated with microtears in the skin allowing hiv easier access? I am hoping this in a non issue. Have you ever heard of such a case?

Thanks for your time and all the info u have given about hiv to me and others.



Hi Dustin,

Herpes type 1 asymptomatic shedding would not increase risk of acquisition of HIV. The increased HIV-transmission risk with herpes involves open herpetic sores and blisters and areas of inflammation in which white blood cells accumulate.

Dr. Bob