Ryan PLZ answer!!!!!! herpes question


Ok here's the deal, i received oral sex from some one i didnt know with a condom that had been exposed to extreme temp. the condom broke but we stopped emmidietly. i tested negative for hiv and chlamydia at 2 weeks after exposure,negative hiv at 2 months, then again at 3 months, negative for for syphillis and hepatittis c at 4 months. My question is about herpes, last weekend i had some bumps on my buttocs just on my left side, there are a bunch of them close otgether and some are spread out, they are still present today. i got tested for genital and mouth herpes on wenesday and i got my result back to day they were negative. I took a blood test i dont know which one, i called the cdc and they say that my test is not reliable, they said that i need a test called herpes select blood test but even that test would not be reliable, i really comfused. they also said that a culture test could be done but only 48 hours after symptoms appear so if i had one done today it would not be reliable because its been a week.

what am i supose to do now???????


Did you have a doctor look at the bumps on your buttocks? That's going to be the best way to determine if you have herpes lesions or not. However, unless an infected area of your partner's mouth or genitals came into contact with the area that you are concerned about, these are not likely to be herpes sores (based on the encounter you describe, which was penile-oral contact).