Russian strippers/protitutes - Do you not see a connection here????


Doc, i'm in the same boat as so many of your followers and can't understand how you don't see a connection and insist on telling each and every one of them that it's "in their heads". open your eyes and your ears. russian strippers and prostitutes are spreading an std that north american dr.'s are too arrogant, ignorant and busy to take the time and figure out!!!! i've spent over a quarter million dollars travelling all over, getting tested, buying pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, making donations, and consulting with dr.'s who tell me it's in my head because i had a girlfriend at the time that i had oral sex with a russian prostitute and was feeling guilty. don't dismiss my symptoms as psychological. my symptoms are the same as your other "followers". night sweats, swollen glands, rashes, white/spotted tongue, joint pain, pain on the tip of my penis etc. etc. etc. it's been 12 years and i'm still sick!



"Russian strippers and prostitutes are spreading an STD that North American doctors are to arrogant, ignorant, and busy to take the time and figure out"????? Hmm. Physicians are indeed busy, but arrogant and ignorant??? You remain convinced that you contracted something (other than anxiety and guilt) from a Russian prostitute via oral sex. Yet you've spent "over a quarter million dollars traveling all over, getting tested, buying pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications . . ." and yet you're still "sick"! You've also consulted with a variety of doctors who have all agreed "it's all in your head." Using deductive reasoning (and more important my keen sense of the obvious), I can conclude you had a very low-risk potential exposure (oral sex); you had a quarter-million dollar workup from multiple physicians, all of whom have come to the same conclusion; you are a major league wacko who needs psychiatric help. Your ill-advised attempts to self-diagnose and self-mediate have predictably been fruitless (and potentially dangerous, I might add). Since you've tried everything else, why not just consider the possibility that all the arrogant, ignorant doctors maybe really weren't so ignorant after all. Maybe they had the correct diagnosis all along and you were being too -- oh what's the word? -- um, "arrogant" to trust their years of education and experience. Mr. Looney Tunes, just because you don't like the diagnosis doesn't mean it isn't correct. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I concur with my "arrogant, ignorant" colleagues and strongly recommend you stop chasing a nonexistent STD and begin tackling your real problem.

Dr. Bob