Rubbing face on hooker's crotch?


I rubbed my face(lips and nose)on a hookers pants at the vagina area for about 5 minutes, and probably 5 minutes on the ass area (still over the pants.) after about 10 minutes, She told me she was on her periods, I stopped immediately. There could have been blood or vaginal fluids on the crotch area (I am not sure) as it was a black denim. Both of us were fully clothed at all times.Any HIV/STD risk ? I am also not sure if I have any cuts or sores on my lips and nose. Please help !!!


It's interesting to me to realize that more than 30 years after understanding how HIV is transmitted between two people that there are still so many misconceptions. That is not in any way a slight against you, I completely understand your fear and read dozens of similar concerns each week here at The Body.

But I do wonder how and when we get to the place where we understand and communicate that HIV is actually a VERY difficult virus to transmit. It must be deposited directly from the mucous membranes of one person into the mucous membranes of another through blood, semen, or vaginal fluids, hence why sexual activity and IV drug use are such common routes of transmission. It cannot live outside the body, and cannot be transmitted through casual contact such as hugging, kissing, rubbing, crying, sucking, licking, or rubbing your face in someone's black denim jeans.

Some STDs can live outside the the body and can be transmitted through body-to-body contact, rubbing, finger fucking, or intercourse without orgasm. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and syphilis all have the potential to be transmitted without deep penetration, but again, have a very short lifespan outside of a living body.

The events you describe put you at no risk for any HIV or STD transmission, though I would think rubbing your face against black denim for an extended period could result in some irritation. Nevertheless, I can't see any moment in this encounter where you could have been exposed to any viruses or diseases.

For more information about HIV transmission, and common myths, please check out our, "10 Common Fears About HIV Transmission" page here at The Body. It was based on patterns of similar questions /fears that have shared as well. I hope it is helpful, and allows to enjoy sexual pleasure in physical intimacy in ways that help you and your partner feels joyful.