Rotator cuff injury or Hiv Neuropathy


I have been having pain; sometimes severe from top of my left shoulder down my left arm to my hand. At times my fingers go numb also. No chest pain is associated. I am on Viricept and Epivir only. Last t-cell count in April 2000 was 1320 and VL undetectable. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis with some joint disfigurement in my hands. Could this be related to HIV or more so to the Arthritis?


The joint disfigurement is part of your rheumatoid arthritis. I'm delighted you're doing so well on your HIV medications, but you should be on 3 drugs, not just 2; please check with your doctor about this. The left arm pain is either due to a problem in your neck (like neck arthritis) or your arm -- it is not HIV neuropathy. Please see your doctor to get evaluated for the cause of the of the pain and numbness. Good luck!