Robert thanks for response, sent donation however need somemore advice...



Firstly thanks for your last response and your work you are doing which I only wish there were more people willing to do the same you are an example to all of us!

Just to recap I had oral sex with a sex worker earlier last year, whilst she was on top after a while I noticed a strange taste in my mouth and when we stop I noticed quite a lot of blood. She dismissed this I suspect she was either just starting or ending her period time. Before the encounter I had brushed my teeth and used mouth wash which I repeated after the encounter.

The following then occurred:-

2-4wks - later discharge from penis and eye infection with urine infection as well. 4-8wks - cold symptoms and sweats the night sweats were unbearable (wife had to change bed sheets). Ongoing since - glands being swollen and itchy under arms especially, throat and mouth being sore and over sensitive. This resulted in me being referred to ENT consultant who has confirmed something does appear to be going on. I've also had lower back pains (mild), had a couple of bouts of thrush down below and had upset stomach quite a lot of wind resulting in diarrehea and some light bleeding. I've been to doctors about various things on and off for last 10mths however despite lots of tests they can't find anything.

I've also had all std sti tests which came back negative and have had HIV tests at 2wks (std test), 6wks (Duo test), 10wks (Duo test), 3mth (std test)and 6mth (Insti test) all negative. I have also been to councilling and hypnotherapy and had stayed away from wife due to this.

However after the last test, councilling, hypnotherapy and response from yourself my relationship was under strain and as I have had a vasectomy I had sex with wife unprotected on two occasions. Both times that is when we had thrush and she now has infection below and has also had cold for about 2mths, I'm really concerned and thinking I might have HIV after all.

Her doctor actually asked her whether she thinks she might have caught a STI which my wife stated no (I know she has been 100% faithful so can only relate back to my drunken stupid incident). I'm probably now over analysing but my young daughter (2yr old) has also now had head infection twice can't remember what its called but keep thinking as she has bad skin and eczma that maybe she has caught something too and what if it is HIV.

I'm really not sure what to do thought I'd got past this but now thinking about going for another HIV test but not sure whether to go now wait another 2mths for 12mths and which test to go for...

Please, please help and I will donate again.

Thanks Dave


Hello Dave,

I have not changed my assessment. You (and your wife and your daughter) are HIV negative. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional HIV tests are warranted.

I would suggest you consult a psychiatrist to help you confront and conquer your irrational HIV fears. The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable: you are HIV negative. I just can't say it any more straightforwardly than that. Bring a copy of your questions and my responses to your first visit with the psychiatrist and show them to him. This will help focus your therapy and speed your recovery.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob