How risky is it to pass on HIV thru unprotected sex?


Hi I am a 25 year old who knows I am HIV positive for three years now! I have a girlfriend who knows my status. She and I will have unprotected sex but I will pull out before I ejaculate. She also performs oral sex on me. How risky is it for her to contract he virus?



Your girlfriend is playing sexual Russian Roulette every time she has unprotected sex with you. It really is just that straightforward. You are deliberately placing her at significant risk by having unsafe sex with her. I find that unconscionable. How can you do that? Certainly it takes two to do the unsafe mattress mambo, and she needs to accept her share of blame should she seroconvert, but so must you! Pulling out does not eliminate the HIV-transmission risk. HIV can be readily transmitted by precum.

I urge you to immediately stop putting your girlfriend's health at risk. Start using latex or polyurethane condoms. Your girlfriend will need HIV testing now and at the thee- and six-month marks to assure she has not contracted your virus.

Now you know! What are you going to do about it?

Dr. Bob