Risks of Bottom not on PrEP, top on PrEP?


If someone bottoms and is not on prep for a top that is, should I be worried about contracting HIV? The partner I was with said they were negative and were on prep. They also did not ejaculate in me. I just want to be cautious about this, just in case. This is out of character and not something I do frequently.


In my line of work I don't believe anyone "should" or "should not" feel anything. Your feelings are your feelings, you have a right to feel anything you want. But if you're asking about the medical variables that would put you at risk of acquiring HIV, I don't see any in the scenario you describe.

Let's start with the basics. Assuming everything your partner told you was accurate, then they are HIV negative and cannot transmit HIV to anyone else. If they are taking PrEP as directed then the likelihood of them having HIV are nearly zero.

The other thing here that makes HIV an improbable scenario is that they did not ejaculate inside you. HIV must be transmitted from the mucous membranes of one person into the mucous membranes of another through semen, blood, or vaginal fluids. No ejaculate, no opportunities for HIV. And yes, I know some people claim there is a risk in precum but in over 37 years of studying HIV and more than 70 million cases worldwide there is still not one confirmed transmission through pre-ejaculate (or precum).

Your character is not in question here. Many of us enjoy bottoming frequently without latex barriers with different partners and have opted to use PrEP for that reason. One of the many advantages to using PrEP is that you don't have to rely on your partner's honesty to protect you from HIV. With PrEP you are incomplete control of your body, which is an extremely salient point for bottoms or receptive partners.

The only thing that will truly put your mind at rest is to get tested. But I would recommend that you also speak with someone about the options for going on PrEP in your area. There is a global directory for PrEP Providers at "Please PrEP Me Global" https://www.pleaseprepme.global. You can also get more information and resources in the Facebook PrEP Facts group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrEPFacts.