risk level of unprotected vaginal sex with withdrawal, polyurethane condoms


In your opinion, what is the risk level of exposure to HIV when one has unprotected vaginal sex using the withdrawal method? Obviously I know this should be avoided...

Also, do polyurethane condoms protect one from HIV for those of us who are allergic to latex?

Thanks so much, Shastl


Hello Shastl,

Polyurethane and latex condoms offer equal protection against HIV. You can read more about polyurethane condoms in the archives. They are indeed the best option for folks with latex allergy.

Regarding withdrawal, coitus interruptus, shagus incompletus or whatever you want to call it, you state "obviously I know this should be avoided . . . ." Consequently you also must realize unprotected sex without ejaculation carries some risk for HIV transmission. Therefore I agree with you: "this should be avoided" because the withdrawal method does not protect against HIV. Yes, not ejaculating is less risky than ejaculating, but unprotected sex with or without the money shot is risky. Pre-cum can contain HIV. I can't quantitate the "level of risk," as there are many variables viral load, amount of pre-cum, viral strain, etc. But the bottom-line remains exactly as you stated: "this should be avoided."

Dr. Bob