Risk of HIV and other STDs from the various encounters


Maybe Im reading too much into things and being paranoid, but maybe not. Im 28 and have only had three sexual or remotely sexual encounters. I feel terrible and ashamed of all of them.

First, in late July of 2006, I had unprotected oral sex (for about 30 seconds and with no ejaculation and they proceeded to have protected anal intercourse with the same woman. She also massaged my penis and I fingered her vagina and kissed her breasts.

Second, in August of 2007, I had purchased a girls urine through ebanned.com and poured it on myself, mainly head, chest and legs, and masturbated.

Third, in March 2008, I had an erotic massage in which the girl was on her period and there was no genital touching or insertion but she massaged me on my legs, chest and butt cheeks both before and after we engaged in mutual masturbation.

After the first situation, I went to an STD clinic and tested negative for everything they tested for (which did not include Herpes or HPV) except NGU. I was treated with antibiotics and got thrush. Took an antifungal and that was that. Had negative HIV tests at 2, 8, 12 and 25 weeks post encounter.

But, ever since Ive had some constant and reoccurring issues. Im basically wondering if any of these events could have caused me to contract something. The issues are as follows:

  1. A couple of pimple-like things on the penis. Theyve never changed size or color and do not hurt. The STD clinic didnt seem concerned.
  2. Periodic chest rash, tends to go away with cortisone.
  3. Semi-frequent sinus pressure.
  4. Occasional cracks in the corners of my mouth (my ENT said its called Chelitis).
  5. Semi-regular appearance of white gunk buildup around my lips and on the inside.
  6. A whiter tongue and more buildup on the back, generally, neither my PCP, dentist or ENT seem overly concerned.
  7. Tightness in my underarms.

As for things Ive had before, hemorrhoids, tendonitis, a hydorcyle, acid reflux and seasonal allergies.

Whats the chances/risk that Ive been infected by an STD? Could I just be a major hypochondriac (as that I am a germaphobe)? Any suggestions on what to do here?


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