Risk of HIV from scissors cut used by an HIV positive


Hi Dr. Wohl,

I am from the Philippines and I lived with an HIV positive housemate. I recently got something stuck in my pipe and I used a kitchen scissors to take it out. In the process, I got some few scissors cuts in my thumb but no active bleeding but it hurts when I dropped some alcohol in it. Now, around 4 days ago before the 'accidnets' my HIV positive housemate ( he is not on ARV yet) used the scissors for an unknown purpose (I don not know). I did not see any blood stain in the scissors but I am not very sure. When I also got the cut, my cut thumb also accidentally hold his toothbrush. He is clearly HIV positive but all these events happened while he was 4 days away from home for his vacation overseas. If he cut himself using the knife..do you think HIV is still present in the scissors.Am I at risk for HIV exposure or do you recommend testing at this circumstances?

Thank you very much. I am just so worried and HIV mediciine are difficult to obtain in parts of the Philippines.

Thank you very much for your reply. I hope you will reply



Such casual contact does not transmit HIV. As long s you do not have sex with your room mate or share needles with him, you will not catch HIV from him.