Risk of HIV and Hepatitis C at clinic


I know this is going to annoy you a but its been on my mind and I think maybe an expert as yourself can put it to rest. I would normally ask the CDC so as not to take your time but it seems like they tell you to get tested for everything since their purpose is " disease control". Anyways here is my concern, about six months ago I was at the clinic getting my biokit test done for herpes, the nurse put on a new glove and then helped another nurse to empty the biohazard bin and then walked into another room to get something and then proceeded to put alchohol on my finger and poked it and squeezed the blood into a tube for my test. My question is should I be concerned that she didn't change her gloves again after helping the other nurse emptying the biohazard bin or is it a non risk exposure ? The reason I ask is because there are people that go there to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis C. I know its sounds odd of someone catching HIV or hepatitis C in this manner but when i think of the biohazard bin the first thing that comes into mind is all the blood contaminated items that have been thrown there. From what i have heard you can not get HIV or hepatitis C from inanimate objects except for needles or syringes.


I do not find any questions "annoying" on the forum...All people have a right to "peace of mind" as they say.

I can tell you think that you are probably not at risk and yes...I agree. I would not recommend testing based on this event.

Best regards....