Risk for HIV from casual contact with coworker? "your my only hope"


Hi...at work today this man at my job had a scratch on his arm that look fairly new...he is hiv positive...anyway walking past him my shirt brushed against his scratch on his arm...for the rest of the day I was wiping any surface that part of my shirt came in contact with...my fear is when I got home my neice kissed my part of the shirt that came in contact with him cut and she has cracked lip is there any risk for me or her...please explain why...shouldnt this man wear a band aid to cover the scratches he gets which is often because he has 5 cats...I am also pregnant and am having trouble enjoying it because I'm always worried about touching things my co worker does please help me...


Thanks for your question,

There is no way for your co-worker to give you HIV casually in the workplace. This includes through contact with his scratches. There is no way. There are countless explanations for why throughout our forums. I would encourage you to read up on the topic.

If this doesn't help, sounds like you have difficulty managing your anxiety even in the face of supporting evidence. Talking to a mental health professional can put you on the path to long-term wellness.

Additionally, this is a great opportunity to learn to support your coworker and become an ally to those who are HIV+. I mean really, depending on where your coworker's health is, I'd be more concerned about his health.

Hope this helps!