Risk at gyno's office


I know you will say this is paranoid, but please suspend reality for a minute and answer me this. Is there any risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis (B or C) from a speculum inserted in you for an exam at the gyno's office? Let's assume the speculum may not have been cleaned properly (again...I know, probably a long shot). I guess my question is how long can those viruses live on that surface before becoming inactive. Also, if you have Hep B or C and a bit of your blood touches a baby's unbroken skin, is this a risk to the baby?

THANKS for answering!!


You are right way over the top paranoid! Most gynecologists use disposable specula now a days so there is no issue about sterilization. Besides the viruses are easily killed and they have to get thru the mucosal barrier first. As far as blood on unbroken skin also a no risk behavior. Stop worrying! DTD