risk of exposure to eyes (EYE EXPOSURE) (SEMEN and EYE CONTACT)


I have read two different responses on your boad about the risk of getting semen in your eyes. I did something stupid and was jerking a guy and when he ejaculated, some go in my eyes. I wiped with a tissue and then immediately rinsed with water. I'm going crazy. Am I at high risk of infection? Please help!



As you might imagine, you are not the only one who has experienced this "occupational hazard." I'll reprint just a few of the many posts from the archives that address this topic.

Are you at "high risk"? No.

Is there some degree of risk if your hot shot was poz? Yes, although slight.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

Eye contact with semen Jul 12, 2005

I live in Australia. I work in retail and as part of my duties I am required to check the fitting rooms (where people try on clothes) - while doing this recently I rested my hand on the handle on the inside of the door. I did not realise that it had semen on it until I wiped my eye (which was already irritated from recently having a cold) and my eye began to sting and then I noticed semen all over the back of the door. Thus, unwittingly my eye came into contact with a quantity of semen from an unknown person. This fact is beyond doubt. However, now I am very worried about getting HIV from this exposure to the semen or even Hep C. I am petrified. What should I do? What are my chances of getting HIV or HEP C? When can I reasonably get tested and know that the results are conclusive. Are my chances further increased by the fact that I already had an irritation in my eye? Could you please send an answer to my email address so that it may put my fear to rest as I am starting to feel very stressed about the situation.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Aussie,

Someone spunked the door of your fitting room? Hmmm . . . well, I guess since the airlines have shrunk the onboard bathrooms down to such a tiny size that horned-up hotties (or crazy Republicans see below) have resorted to fitting rooms for their sex in public places adventures.

OK, your risk is presumed spunk in the eye. Assuming the spunker was HIV positive, the estimated risk of acquiring HIV following a mucous membrane exposure is 0.09%. Please note that's direct mucous membrane exposure to HIV-positive spunk! Your estimated risk would be even lower, as we don't know the HIV status of your fitting room phantom.

Regarding hepatitis C, your risk is essentially nonexistent. Even with hepatitis C-infected blood, transmission via mucous membrane exposure is extremely rare.

Bottom line: I see no reason for you to be "petrified."

What should you do?

  1. Stop being petrified. Your fears are way out of proportion to any real risk.

  2. Regarding HIV, if you are worried, get tested at the three-month mark. However, please note, we do not know if the baby batter on the doorknob was HIV infected or not. And even if it was, HIV does not survive very long at all outside the body. Consequently, your actual risk of HIV contact, let alone transmission, is extremely small. I would consider a three-month test definitive.

  3. As for hepatitis C, the risk of transmission based on all the information discussed above is so extremely minimal that no testing or follow-up is warranted or recommended.

  4. Put up a sign in all fitting rooms advising patrons that space is to be used for trying on clothes, not rooting like wombats.

Do try to chill out a bit, my dear Aussie. I realize this "sticky situation" can be alarming, but your actual health risks are minimal. In fact, I'd wager you have a greater chance of getting done in by a funnel web spider or choking on a vegemite sandwich than contracting HIV or hepatitis C from this gooey fitting room fiasco.

G'day mate.

Dr. Bob

Republican going crazy! PLEASE RESPOND Jul 10, 2005

Dr. Franscino

The other day me and my wife went out and had sex in a dressing room at Bloomingdale's. Both of us have been tested, but what if we came into contact with blood or some other fluid. She did give me a handjob. Could there be a risk for HIV? PLEASE HELP! Probably staying a Republican but I truly believe the work you do is God's work. Thanks, the check is gonna be in the mail soon

Response from Dr. Frascino


You and your wife went to Bloomingdales and had sex in the dressing room??? Gosh, whoever said Republicans don't know how to have fun? Just please don't tell me you had to go to Bloomies for your nookie because you were afraid, like the last set of Republicans that wrote in, to do it at home under the big velvet Jesus hanging over your bed. OK?

So, on to your question. You're "going crazy" over getting crazy at Bloomies, right? Relax, Dynamic Duo. You are both fine. The only risk from your oh-so-naughty adventure is that all the dressing rooms at Bloomies are monitored by video cameras to prevent shoplifting. Your Bloomies sex-capade is now, most likely, posted on multiple Internet sites. Check out "RebubicansGoingCrazy.com!"

Stay well, even if you stay Republican, OK?

Dr. Bob

Thought I was playing safe but got shot in eye Dec 22, 2004

Hi Dr. Bob,

Hope you are doing okay. You're a great guy whom I much admire. I'll cut right to the chase. Mutual masturbation with guy of unknown HIV status, but as you say, must assume everyone is positive. No protection at the time so didn't want to do anything else (thought I was playing safe - not at close range - about 2-3 feet away). He misfired and shot semen right into my eye (and a decent amount - not just a drop). Just a freak accident I guess, but I was really shocked. I tried to wipe away as much as possible, but wearing contacts at the time and couldn't wash out for almost an hour. I swear this is all true - I would never waste your valuable time. Some posts in the archives indicate it's only a "theoretical" and "low" risk, but a risk nonetheless because of the mucous membranes in the eye (Q9683). However, some of the older posts (Q9047) indicate "it would not be surprising if this was how you became infected". Haven't seen your take on this issue - I'm assuming PEP is not appropriate under these circumstances (still have 24 hours to go for that, but I would consider doing it on your advice), but if not, is testing warranted at 3 months? This was my only possible exposure after recently testing negative. Thanks and best for a very happy holiday. Your cock-eyed pal. (trying to keep my sense of humor, but it's really not funny).

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Cock-Eyed Pal,

I don't think I'd call that a "misfire" after all.

The dude spunked a bullseye at three feet! That's real talent! He just might have a career in adult films.

OK, here's the scoop: yes, there is a risk of HIV transmission if infected fluids get into the eye (but not on the outside of the eyelid). So in your case, if your sharpshooter buddy was HIV positive and he jizzed your baby blues, there would be a risk. However, that "if" is indeed a big if. PEP is usually reserved for documented significant exposures. Should you test at three months? Yes, I'd recommend it. Should you freak out with worry while waiting to be tested? Nope, I'd recommend against that.

Finally, as the old song goes, be a "cock-eyed optimist!"

We'll all send you our best karma for a negative test result and a very happy, healthy Holiday Season.

Dr. Bob

""squirty Seaman"" please help (CAN YOU GIVE YOURSELF HIV/AIDS?) May 10, 2007

alright dr bob i had masturbated once in my bed and i tried to hold in my seaman but i couldn't and it exploded and some of it got in my left eye i couldn't open that shit for like 20 minutes it burnt like a mother fucker and my eye ball was sticky could i have gotten aids from that? thnx



Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Tiberius,

First of all, a "squirty seaman" would be a horned-up sailor or other man of the sea who ejects a forceful stream jizz. So were you trying to hold on to your squirty seaman or hold your semen squirting??? My answer would be somewhat different depending on squirting seaman versus semen squirting. So I'll assume semen squirting, OK?

Spunking your own eye, while impressive, can indeed sting a bit, but it cannot give you HIV/AIDS or any other STD. You can not give yourself a disease you don't already have! Be reasonable. Variations of this question come up shockingly often! (See below.)

Folks, we desperately need scientific sex education in our schools ASAP!!! Abstinence-only programs, which withhold basic information about sex, including STD prevention, is resulting in situations exactly like Tiberius's and the questioner's below.

Dr. Bob

Autofellatio (AUTOFELLATIO) Apr 15, 2007

Recently I tried autofellatio. I was almost successful. My question is, is it possible to contract an oral infection from it? I'm a virgin, that should help. But a couple hours later I noticed two sore spots on my lip. I think it's from my tooth rubbing up against it, but I'm a paranoid person. So pleas,e just verify this for me.

Response from Dr. Frascino


There is no need to wait for a personal response from me. The reassurance you seek is already waiting for you in the archives. (See below.)

Dr. Bob


when i suck on my cock i was wondering if i can get dieases from sucking my own?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Diseases from tonguing your own tallywhacker? Hmmm . . . well, perhaps a sore back or stiff neck from the crouch positioning. Oh . . . you don't have to crouch all that much? Hmmm . . . WOWZA, just how big is that one-eyed trouser snake of yours? Oh, you're Italian. OK, now I understand. The answer is no. You can not give yourself anything but a good time by autofellating Mr. Happy. See below.

Dr. Bob

Boyfriend & Autofellatio Jan 11, 2006

My boyfriend loves sucking his cock, he started that even before he started going out with guys. He does it now while I'm topping him. I love sucking him while I'm fucking him, but somehow it's not the same for him. He's very rough with his dick and sucks himself really hard. I wouldn't mind doing it the same way. Question: Is it safe, is it ok with his prostate/glands to suck him really hard? Please, somehow I'm very concern, plus I don't let him do it to me that way. Thanks Abel & Rod

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Abel and Rod,

Rod is able to suck his own rod while Abel is able to suck Rod while fucking him??? Hmmm . . . one can only wonder how Abel is able to do this and how big Rod's rod must be for this to be physically possible. Oh, never mind . . . . On to your question. You're concerned about Rod's prostate gland if you suck him really hard??? Gosh, Abel, how hard is hard? Are you so powerful that you could suck the chrome off a bumper? Abel, I think your fears are unwarranted. You can suck enthusiastically. Just don't use your teeth or traumatize Rod's rod to the point of physical damage (black and blue marks, broken skin, etc.).

Aside from that, you shouldn't worry about sucking so hard that you might turn your boyfriend inside out, OK?

Dr. Bob

Autofellatio worries Jul 21, 2005

I have recently discovered my ability to self suck and cannot stop. Recently, however, I've had a sore throat.

I am not sexually active if that can help any.. Also, I am able to self suck but not able to deep throat so that shouldn't be the cause. I do swallow.

Anyways, could autofellatio be the cause of my sore throat or should I not worry about it?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Hmmm . . . it appears those yoga classes are really paying off! You're just telling us all this to make us jealous, right??? I suppose the next thing you'll tell us is that you can open a ketchup bottle just using your tongue, right?

OK, Mr. Big, I see no reason for you to worry. Your new party trick is not the cause of your sore throat.

Hey, if you ever come up for air and find you need gainful employment, I think the adult film industry might be interested in your ahem talent.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Is it possible (CAN YOU GIVE YOURSELF HIV/AIDS?) Jan 3, 2007

I was curious about something, and that's is it possible in any capacity for a man to give hiv or aids to oneself. Like say some of your own cum just a little bit touched a cut that was mostly healed or looks dark red. Basicaly. Can you give yourself HIV?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Another QTND (question that never dies) and ATNC (answer that never changes).

See below.

Dr. Bob

very Urgent Question May 22, 2006

I recently masterbated, once i had finished i realised that some sperm had gone onto a scab on my hand, is there any chance of an STI/STD/HIV or anything, this answer really matters to me as i am only a teenager and afraid of the consequences of any STI/STD. Please answer doc, thanks you.

Response from Dr. Frascino


No, there is absolutely no chance you can contract a sexually transmitted illness from yourself! STDs involve germs (viruses and bacteria) that spread from an infected person to another person via sexual activity. Masturbation, choking the chicken, spanking the monkey or whatever you want to call it involves only you and your hand. Some folks may refer to their hand as Mrs. Palm and her five daughters, but really we are only talking about one person here. And that's you, right?!? A person cannot give himself a disease he doesn't already have. Just as you can't give yourself a million dollars (because I assume you don't have a million dollars, right?). You can't give yourself HIV, because you don't have that either. The bottom line is that your jizz is perfectly safe, so no worries unless you spunk up your parents' furniture (or Monica Lewinsky's blue dress). And even those kinds of stains, although they can lead to problems, they can not lead to STDs, OK?

To those reading the forum, here we have another fine example of how sex education is shamefully lacking in our schools. Teenagers should not be worrying about contracting HIV form burping the nephew and getting a bit of baby batter on their hands!!! Demand age-appropriate, science-based sex-education curricula in the public schools. Refuse to allow Republican rightwing fanatics, who insist on abstinence-only programs, to confuse and potentially harm our youth. Multiple scientific studies have now clearly shown that abstinence-only sex-education programs not only don't work, but they can actually cause harm by not teaching our kids what they need to know to stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Bob

self-masturbated with wound on hand Aug 12, 2006


i'm 21 years old, and last night i masturbated myself, and i happened to have an open wound on my left hand. my right fingers touched a wet spot on a towel i was using. i was about to wash my hands, i noticed my right hand was touching that wound.

am i putting myself at HIV risk if my own semen came in contact with my open wound?

Response from Dr. Frascino


You are 21 and you are still concerned about contracting HIV from yourself via masturbation and contact with your own spunk??? Let me guess. You were home-schooled and come form a devoutly religious family, right? Hmmmm. Another one!!!!

Now let's think this through logically, OK? Do you really think it's possible to create HIV a virus out of thin air just by spanking the monkey??? HIV is as germ. It can be transmitted from one infected person to an uninfected person by unprotected sex. You cannot give yourself HIV anymore than you can give yourself measles, mumps, syphilis or tuberculosis, OK?

I suggest you spend some time reviewing the wealth of information on this site related to how HIV is, and is not, transmitted.

I also want to remind all readers of this forum that this is yet another example of why we need age-appropriate sex education programs in our schools!

Dr. Bob