At risk from blood on kleenex


I was recentely in the my sons pediatricians office and he needed a kleenex to blow his nose, I didn't notice until after he started to use it that it looked like there was some dried blood on it, was wondering if by chance it came in contact with inside his nose, or a small cut below his nose is this a risk for hepatitis or hiv? Isn't this considered to be mucous membrane? I'm worried because I know that the blood wasn't his and can't hepatitis live outside the body for a long period of time? Thanks! A worried mommy!


I would not worry at all about this "exposure". Yes the nose is considered "mucous membrane" but the risks that are associated with hepatitis C transmission is mainly through sharing of straws for cocaine use. Straws can be contaminated with fresh blood and then shared with others who may have damage to their mucous membranes from constant cocaine use. THis can lead to HCV transmission.

Dr. McGovern